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A core part of our program this year is our roundtable sessions. These sessions are designed to share and gather knowledge on a specific topic. The session is guided by industry experts, covering relevant technologies and topics. Between 10-15 attendees can join a specific table, to facilitate real intimacy and knowledge transfer.

To join a roundtable you need a VR Days accreditation (All Access or Summit pass). 

To put together meaningful roundtables, they need to have the right balance. We aim to bring researchers, service providers and clients together. Therefor we cannot guarantee participation if you fill this form out, we hope you understand. Please answer the following questions and we let you know before Friday 19 October.

Open roundtables:

  • How to manage innovation in defence or police.
  • Smart Cities: Build and develop cities with immersive technologies.
  • How to Use Virtual Agents in other industries?
  • Ethical Questions around the Use of Virtual Agents

The following roundtables are fully booked:

  • How to drive traffic to your LBVR attraction?
  • Raising Real Money for Virtual Reality
  • Exploring the intersection of LBVR and Esports
  • How to create the best Virtual Human Agent?
  • Maintenance and training: dedicated solutions or generic tools?

So you’re interested in AR & VR? So are we. This year we’re organising the 4th edition of VR Days Europe, one of the world’s most influential gatherings of VR & AR professionals. We’d love your help in helping to organise this massive event and make it a success for all the content creators, promising startups and VR/AR enthusiasts involved. 


VR Days Europe 

October 24-25-26, 2018

VR Days