Ends on October 15, 2019

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Welcome to the application for the 3rd edition of XRBASE Investor Event. 

This event connects start- and scaleups with capital, facilitating deal-flow for our attending global venture capitalists. Europe’s top XR companies that are looking for early stage and series A investment can apply here for this event.

This year the main selection criteria for start- and scaleups is their focus on- and ability to drive adoption of the medium.

“We increasingly see entry-barriers that come with early-stage XR technology breaking down; prices are lowered every year, ease of use is going up, structural B2B support is improving, etc etc. On top of that global tech giants are not reducing their effort to push adoption of XR, and software is step by step becoming more appealing (B2C) and more value adding (B2B). The industry is maturing; if you run a start- or scaleup that is contributing to adoption of XR and can convince a panel of VCs of the fact you are doing so I invite you to sign up for the XRBASE Investor event”.
Daan Kip Founder XRBASE and VR Days Europe

The selection of startups will be based on reviews by partner venture capitalists. Selected startups are invited to a pitch (3 min), followed by a 1-on-1 meetings. The event will be wrapped up with a private investor dinner. 

The best startup will be awarded with €5,000, brought to you by Admix.

Selection VC's Last year 

  • Outpost Capital
  • Vive X
  • Super Ventures
  • Colopl Next
  • GFR Fund


Early Bird Application: Free (Until August 31st)

Regular Application: €99*

If selected, you will be granted access to Nov 13 & 14.

For CONTENT FUNDING, please apply for IFFR PRO x VR Days - Call for New Projects

Deadline: October 15, 2019

Selections will be announced on October 30, 2019