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The Halo Awards or Halo’s are awards for augmented, virtual and mixed reality projects. The goal of the awards is to shine a special light on outstanding, creative and innovative works, performances, projects and the great people that produced them. These selections will be rewarded with a gold, silver or bronze Halo.

The Halo Awards ambition is to set the standard for quality works, to unite the VR and AR community and to promote VR and AR in the broadest sense.


Entries will be made through an open call to the makers. Excellent works are nominated by some of the top leaders in the VR world and a specialized jury of industry experts will assign prizes. 


Awards will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best Fictional Work 
  • Best Game
  • Best Location-based VR 
  • Best Non-fiction
  • Best Creative Accomplishment  (Audio/Visual/UX)
  • Best Applied (Healthcare/Enterprise) 
  • Best University Project

Dates and Fees

€149 +  21% VAT = €180.29

Deadline for submission: October 25, 2019

Summary of General Rules

Kindly make sure you’ve read the Summary of General Rules before sending your project through:

  • The work or film must be understood in English (subtitles allowed).
  • The work has aired, launched or been released to the public for the first time between September 1, 2018 and November 1, 2019.
  • The work can only be entered in a maximum of 3 categories of the Halo Awards. 
  • At the point you complete and pay for your entry, all media submitted must be the final version.
  • You should have the permission to enter this work from the commissioning client/brand-owning company.
  • Submitting your project for the Halo Awards or even winning does NOT automatically mean it will be screened for public at VR Days. Therefore, you should also submit to the Church of VR through our Call for Content form.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on info@vrdays.co

Kind Regards,

Halo Awards Team

NB. We want the awards ceremony to be a special event for celebration, fun and happiness. That will be hard when nominees are not on site. Therefore, we highly encourage projects that will be represented during the award ceremony. If you cannot be present at VR Days, send a representative or be prepared to record a short acceptance speech that we can show during the ceremony.